Sailing in Matosinhos

Sailing is not only a fun activity to do with your friends and family on holiday, but it is also a great way to get fit and toned up in Matosinhos. Manning a sailing boat in Matosinhos is probably more hard work than you think, but the good news is that you are exercising without even realizing it, which is what makes it so fun! The activities that sailing consists of are pulling and hosting of sails to maneuver a boat or a yacht- all of which adds to your muscle strength, shoulders and back.


Sports like running, swimming, basketball, and soccer have been shown to reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity and other heart illness. Sailing, like these other intense sports can also improve your cardiovascular health. This is because of the large amounts of oxygen uptake that happens when you engage in strenuous physical activities.

Clube Vela Atântico

Clube Vela Atantico

The Atlantic Sailing Club has as fundamental object the promotion of sailing practice with its members and family members. The Sailing Atlantic Club has a sailing school whose aim is to train sailors with a spirit of moral integrity and healthy camaraderie. In addition to training the children, the Sailing School also works with adults, where the members and their families and friends are made aware of the pleasures of sailing. Currently, the Sailing School of the Atlantic Sailing Club has more than 100 young students divided by different levels and classes.
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Clube Naval de Leça

Clube Naval de Leca

Due to its special vocation for light sailing, this club has contributed in a large scale to its implementation and development in Portugal, having created and maintained sailing schools where sailors have left that highly esteem the club and the country, both at the level Regional, national or even international. Diving is a section that can be said to have been almost established with the club and continues to be a very active section...
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