Karting in Matosinhos

Who knew driving a Go-Kart could go such a long way in Matosinhos. Go karting is a fun, adrenaline-infused activity to enjoy with friends and family. Not only is this a fun and interactive activity, but with experience in Matosinhos you can learn great reflexes, safety and also learn how to control your car.


Go-karting doesn’t need any prior experience, but it is just as challenging as learning a new sport. Children can learn safety rules and how to maneuver a car by driving a go-kart. This can later prepare them for driving an automobile. This is also a great outlet for kids that are interested in racing and other motor sports.


Go-Karting is a safer option for beginners who are interested in racing. It can be both an indoor and an outdoor activity. Go-Karting also comes with a lot of safety rules and if all the rules and regulations are followed correctly, it can be a very safe activity for all ages. This can teach kids of all ages how to follow and abide by road rules.


If racing is your passion, go-karting is a great starting point for beginners in Matosinhos.

Kart Center Matosinhos

Kart Center Matosinhos

Former indoor pilot Pedro Lamy, still affectionately known by much as 'Lamy Peter's'. The Kart Center of Matosinhos is the history of indoors and the mecca of the amateur karting pilots of the country. Since 2000, under the guidance of Paulo Costa, it has the potential to make us feel at home.
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