Golf Clubs in Matosinhos

Playing golf in Matosinhos is great fun, but also offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits. The game of golf is wonderful for the psyche. It keeps the mind alert and provides vital human contact, along with several other benefits to mental health.


Golf clubs in Matosinhos used to have a reputation of being the domain of the well-heeled elite. Fortunately, this reputation is well and truly outdated with the game available to players of every class, creed and budget.


Just a good walk in the fresh air does wonders for endorphin and serotonin levels, leading to improved mood and reduced levels of stress and anxiety. Coupled with an escape from the hassles of day-to-day living the game can provide great relaxation.


Weighing up the risk / reward elements of a particular shot, totting up scores and the other various facets of the game all aid in keeping the mind sharp.


Aside from mental health considerations, a round of golf in Matosinhos can form a superb part of a physical fitness programme, for players of every age and both sexes.



The CityNorte Golf Club was founded in 2005, is affiliated with the Portuguese Golf Federation and is located in the heart of the great Port, next to the Circunvalation. In 2013 was acquired by Estela Golf Club, being called the Estela Golf Academy. The Citygolf is spread over an area of ​​seven hectares, offering ideal conditions for learning, practice and training. Equipped with excellent infrastructures, Citygolf can be considered as a reference point for the practice of the sport.
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