Boxing in Matosinhos

Boxing is no longer just for athletes and almost anyone can perform boxing as part of an overall workout program or exercise routine.  It’s one of the best and most effective ways to get in shape and it produces visible results more quickly than many other types of workouts. Therefore, choose your favorite boxing club for keeping up our fitness in Matosinhos.


The quick movements of boxing combined with throwing punches are excellent for increasing your heart rate.  Boxing works your lungs and heart to provide more blood to your bodily systems.  Because it’s high intensity training, you have the additional benefit of burning more stubborn fats and shedding those excess calories.


There are healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with stress.  Fortunately, boxing is a good way to vent your frustrations and a healthy method of stress management through exercise. If you’d like to gain muscles without too much mass, then boxing is perfect for you.


Boxing is excellent for honing your ability to coordinate your hand movements with your body as you concentrate on striking a target while you’re on the move.  Another advantage of boxing is that it increases the strength and density of your bones.


All of your core muscles are given a workout when you’re boxing.  As you move and strike, this builds your strength especially in the arms and shoulders and gradually increases your power.  At the same time, boxing enhances endurance thanks to its resistance training.  Some conditioning is also usually incorporated in boxing routines.



CrossPunch has emerged among federated athletes and their coaches, in an environment of maximum dedication to high-performance, high-competition sports. It is a sport that combines Cross Training with Combat Sports Techniques and Training, specially developed for all, regardless of physical condition, age or gender.
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